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Passion fitness

Meet Josh-
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Nutrition Coach
NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist
NASM Bodybuilding Specialist
AA Exercise Science

I was a personal trainer at a gym whose personal training clients very rarely reached the goals they wanted to achieve.
They simply were not given a plan or education that would enable them to be successful. They got cookie cutter programs and almost ZERO accountability. I HATED that. I wanted every client to feel taken care of, that they mattered, and get a coach (not just someone they met at the gym and showed them a couple exercises). I wanted to give them them all of the tools, education, and resources they needed to make their goals a reality.

16 Years

So decided to start my own gym and personal training system, Now, I customize every program and tailor all programs to specific individuals for the best results possible. I do this through changing the way you think about eating, getting you effectively exercising (no matter what level you are currently at), and keeping you accountable,

I want you to change for good, and not just give you a short term fix to a long term problem. This is why I spend time with you 1-on-1. I actually teach you about nutrition, how to be more active, and how to exercise for your to reach your personal goals.

I teach you how to change your lifestyle and to become the strongest, leanest, happiest you FOREVER.