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Competition Prep

Looking to take your fitness to the next level!? We can get you there by taking our personal training to the next level. We help people get into THE BEST shape of their life, that’s what we do. We work with you so that you bring your best package to your bikini, physique, classic physique, or bodybuilding event. These competitions require an extreme amount of discipline as well as physical and mental toughness.  Getting your body fat to the lowest level requires a lot of work!

We are pros at helping you fight through the challenge of competing because we have multiple times and won. We know what it takes and will walk you step by step all the way their through workouts, nutrition, posing, and all of the ins and outs of competition day.

Dialing in your nutrition is the hard part. We really get to know how your body works and EXACTLY what we have to do/manipulate (example: cardio, carbs, water, supplements) to make sure that you’re are ready and looking the best you have EVER looked on your big day.

A normal prep times for most people is 16 weeks. This all depends on where you are starting from of course. However, no matter where your current fitness level is we will help you get on stage for the first time no matter what.