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Hi, I’m Josh

NASM Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Nutrition Coach
NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist
NASM Bodybuilding Specialist
AA Exercise Science
When I first started weight training as a freshman in high school ,nearly 20 years ago, I was one of the smallest kids in my school.

I loved football, but my coaches never gave me playing time (although I felt I was better than the other kids playing). It was clear they thought that I was too small to be an effective football player as they called me a “little piss ant” almost daily! It became clear that I just wasn’t going to see significant playing time unless I got bigger.

So after my freshman season was over I would stay after school and lift weights for hours, I would then leave and eat as many McDonalds double cheese burgers as I could possibly fit into my stomach with a large fries and shake!

LOL obviously looking back, there would have been many ways to eat better, and train smarter!

Fast forward 3 years… I lettered my sophomore year and by the end of high school I was pound for pound the strongest kid in school and gained 70 POUNDS in 3 years!

​I fell in love with working out! It changed who I was and what I was capable of doing. It made me not only physically strong, but more than anything mentally strong.

I realized that there is no goal that is unachievable, too lofty, or unreal. Reaching my goal of playing football was great but what I learned in those short 3 years now expands well beyond fitness. 

After playing many more years of football past high school, my football days came to an end. But, I still had a competitive drive that needed direction.

Enter Bodybuilding!

Having always worked out to be quicker, faster, and stronger I was never as lean as I had seen others in the gym who were bodybuilders. I had always admired them from a distance and was slightly envious and jealous, telling my self “it was all genetics or steroids.” 

After Serving an LDS Mission I had stopped working out for the most part and got by my self standards “fat”. I was lucky enough to start train at a gym where D’marko Blewett (One of the top bodybuilders in the USA during the late 80’s) ran his supplement shop. He coached me to my first ever bodybuilding competition and I saw my body change in a way that it never had.

I was leaner than I had ever been in my life, and felt amazing!  My training style didn’t change a ton but my eyes were opened to the wonderful world of nutrition. I learned that what you eat makes all the difference (something I wish I knew in high school LOL)! 

From there I started learning everything I possibly could about nutrition and how food affects your body. I still am learning more and more every single day! I truly love it!

From the beginning I very quickly fell in love with working out and have been doing it religiously ever since. Because I know its value, and it is my passion it made sense for me to start Passion Fitness!

Over the last 20 years I have learned a lot!  I now have the privilege of helping others change their bodies, mentality and their lives everyday!

Nothing makes me happier then seeing someone reach their goals by implementing new, healthy, SUSTAINABLE habits. 

IT IS LIFE CHANGING! I feel blessed to be able to be part of that for others!